Achieving Your Health Goals Takes Small Steps…Not Leaps!

In my last post (My Friend Hoover) I told you about a friend of mine who ate his food like a Hoover vacuum.

I am happy to report that it has been a week now (as of this writing) and Hoover is feeling great.

He is starting to lose weight and feel healthier, simply by chewing his food when he eats. He is now reviewing a copy of our Super Immunity report, and is excited about implementing so many new strategies to feel and look even better.

And this got me to thinking…

In my last email I promised to share the secret with you that can help you achieve any goal you want – including losing weight, improving your health, becoming more successful (in your work or your business) and more.

The secret is simple to implement, and as long as you follow through with it you WILL be successful.

My friend, Hoover, used this technique to implement the simple strategy of chewing and it is working like gang-busters for him. I am positive that this strategy can help you too.

But before I share it with you I’d like to ask you a question.

What is the difference between a pot of cold water and a pot of boiling water?

If you said that one is boiling, and one is not, you are correct.

If you said that one is cold and one is hot, you are correct.

If you said that the boiling water has movement (because it is boiling) and the other water is not moving, you are correct.

So why is one pot of water so dramatically different than the other one?

When you take a pot of water and heat it to approximately 212°F (100°C) the water begins to boil (or vaporize)…changing from a liquid to gas.

But the thing to remember is that in order for the water to reach the boiling point, it has to go from cold to hot. It has to be constantly heated until the water temperature raises enough for the boiling process to occur.

Your health, your happiness, your success in business…all of these things also take constant and regular action to achieve.

You don’t just work out for 2 weeks and turn from a scrawny wimp into Mr. Olympia, regardless of how much you might wish you could.

If you asked anyone who you consider to be in excellent physical condition how they got that way, most of them will tell you that they work out regularly, eat right and do other things to maintain and improve their health and fitness.

The key to success in anything, including losing weight, gaining muscle, being successful in business, being a better parent, friend, spouse, or lover, etc. is to take small steps daily to achieve your goal.

Don’t try to cram 3 years of weight loss into 2 weeks and then get frustrated when it doesn’t work. Chances are that it took you years to add the weight, so be patient in the process of taking it off.

My friend, personal development expert, Darshan Shanti, said it best recently. He said that if he wanted to lose weight he would make sure that everything he did helped move him toward that goal.

He said that no one would probably notice if he drank several glasses of soda each day, or if he ate fistfuls of junk food whenever he wanted…but they WOULD notice when he put on the extra pounds.

The point is that once you know what your goal is, take action regularly by create “rituals” in your life that get you closer to your goal.

Then stick with those rituals, regardless of what else is going on.

Here’s what I mean…

If you want to lose weight and you decide that you need to work out 3 times a week to achieve that goal, then work out 3 times each week.

Don’t complain that you are tired and skip your workouts. Doing this won’t help you achieve your goal.

Saying that you need to work out at least 3 times per week (and then actually doing it) is the only way you will get what you want.

So once you have decided on your goal, decide on what actions you will need to take to get there.

Then be accountable to one person…you!!!

If you find yourself trying to skip your workouts, bring yourself back in check by saying something like, “I know that skipping my workout seems easy, but I really want to get to my goal of _______.

If I skip my workout, how can I expect to achieve my goal?”

Then remind yourself WHY you chose that goal in the first place.

Realizing (and reminding yourself regularly) WHY you want something is the most powerful way to keep yourself on track.

Remember…if you don’t do the things you need to do to get the things you want, you won’t get them…and then there will be no one to blame but yourself.

Give this strategy a try and achieving your goals will be much easier.


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