I’m a 25…what are you?

No, I’m not 25…I AM A 25.

25 is how many times I chew each bite of my food.

How about you?

In a previous post (Improve Your Health by Improving Your Digestion) I talked about the importance of choosing the number of times you chew each bite of your food. By doing this you make it easier for your body to digest what you eat?

People often tell me that chewing their food a set number of times is absolutely ridiculous. They don’t have the time or patience to spend that much time and energy eating.

Sadly, many of the people I hear this from “coincidently” happen to also suffer from digestive problems.

Not only does chewing your food make the digestive process easier for your body, it also makes you less likely to get indigestion.

While there are many reasons people experience indigestion, one of the main causes is the extra burden placed on their digestive system by processing partially chewed food.

Although we’ll talk more about stress in future posts, I want you to think about something…

Eating improperly can cause indigestion. Indigestion can cause discomfort and irritability… which can lead to stress. Stress causes the body to release the hormone cortisol.

At normal levels cortisol is important to the overall function of your body. But during periods of sustained stress, cortisol increases blood pressure and blood sugar levels – and has an immunosuppressive action…that means that it “suppresses the immune system”.

Cortisol also stimulates the secretion of gastric acid (stomach acid) which can further aggravate indigestion.

When you are already stressed, if cortisol is released into your system you will likely begin to feel worse, making the whole process a vicious cycle.

So remember…pick a number and chew your food until it is liquefied.


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