Improve Your Immunity by Supporting Your Immune System?

So what is your immune system and why is it so important?

It is our internal system for self healing and the protection from outside invaders.

That’s right…your immune system is your own personal army working behind the scenes to neutralize foreign invaders, such as viruses and bacteria. It also helps protect you against many environmental pollutants and chemicals.

On any given day we are exposed to millions of foreign cells. Fortunately our powerful army is there to protect us.

Or is it?

The problem is many of the things we do unknowingly weaken or suppress our immune system.

Even simple things such as not getting enough sleep, constantly being stressed and eating improperly can cause chemical responses in our body that decrease our body’s ability to fight off foreign invaders.

But the problem is greater than that.

In addition to suppressing our immune system we are not giving it the proper fuel it needs to function at its peak level of performance. It doesn’t work as well because we are giving it less raw material to work with.

And if it does take the necessary energy to function, it is at the expense of other systems within the body, which leaves you more stressed, tired and vulnerable to attack by foreign invaders.

This is why it is vital to do everything you can to provide your immune system the optimal environment to function…and with the raw materials it needs to function at its highest level possible.

Our body’s system of immunity is an incredible creation. We just need to properly support it and then get out of its way so it can do its job.


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